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Voluma Facial Filler Treatment in Centennial, CO

Volumize, Lift and Contour Your Cheeks, Cheekbones and Jawline with Voluma Filler Treatment in Centennial CO. Check Our Best Specials and Prices. Schedule an Appt Online or Visit Us at 8120 S. Holly ST, Suite 111 Centennial, Co 80122.

As you age, prominent areas of face wrinkles increase in the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin. Voluma restores definition and volume while smoothing out these problem area’s. Additionally, due to its versatility, it is also suitable for adding definition to the jaw line.

This hyaluronic acid filler gives the patients face new elasticity and smooth skin and adds volume to areas. The result is a restoration of the triangle of youth back to its original form resulting in a softer and more youthful appearance. Juvederm Voluma and carefully placed Botox along the jaw and neck works as a necklift and redefines the triangle of beauty.

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