Varicose Vein Doctors in Centennial, CO

Varicose Vein Doctors in Centennial, CO

Colorado Laser & Vein Center specializes in advanced vein care technology for mild to severe varicose veins. For more information, call us or book an online appointment. We serve patients from Centennial, CO and surrounding areas.

Varicose Vein Doctors Near Me in Centennial, CO
Varicose Vein Doctors Near Me in Centennial, CO

Many people find varicose veins unsightly, and many others find them uncomfortable and even painful. Sometimes these veins can even be dangerous. For any of these patients, we can help here at Colorado Laser & Vein Center. Our professionals can provide a number of treatment options, even to remove these veins entirely. For varicose vein doctors in Centennial CO, book a consultation with us here at our clinic.

What kind of doctor specializes in veins?

These doctors can be called vein doctors or vascular vein surgeons, but the professional term for them is phlebologists. These professionals are physicians specialized in treating diseased, unhealthy, or unsightly veins. Phlebologists have board certification and extensive experience in vein diseases, ultrasound technology, and vein treatment.

At Colorado Laser & Vein Center, our resident vein doctor is Dr. David Siroospour MD, FACS. The doctor is a general surgeon with more than 3 decades of expertise in general and vascular surgery. These qualifications make him one of the most capable professionals in the area to treat varicose veins or any other type of veins. You can read more about the doctor on our Meet Our Provider page, and you can check out what his patients have been saying too!

What types of procedures do vein doctors perform to remove varicose veins?

Vein doctors have a few methods they can use to treat varicose veins. One method is laser treatment, but this only works for smaller, less severe varicose veins. Laser treatment is noninvasive and destroys these small varicose veins. After, your body will find healthier veins to route blood through.

A more common method is sclerotherapy. This is most commonly used for spider veins, but in some cases, it can work for varicose veins too. With this procedure, the veins are injected with a simple liquid solution that causes the veins to collapse. After a few weeks, the veins will be naturally removed by the body.

The most common method for varicose vein treatment is interventional removal. However, this procedure is minimally invasive, and because incisions are so small, no sutures are required and the patient is left with no visible scarring. The procedure itself is called microphlebectomy. In a microphlebectomy, the doctor removes small parts of the veins a bit at a time. This is the most effective and permanent method for varicose vein removal. During a consultation with Dr. Siroospour here at our clinic, he will go over the nature of your veins and the best treatment for you.

How much does it cost to fix varicose veins?

There are multiple treatments to fix varicose veins, and they all vary in cost. Also, the size and severity of the veins can affect the cost of treatment. However, in many cases, varicose vein removal is covered by insurance. If your varicose veins are painful and serious, then they’ll likely be covered. Please reach out to us here at Colorado Laser & Vein Center to learn more about our pricing and the insurance providers and plans we work with.

Do you have varicose vein doctors near me in Centennial, CO?

Dr. Siroospour practices here at Colorado Laser & Vein Center in Centennial. You can book a quick consultation with him, as currently he is accepting new patients. To book your consultation, call us at (720) 263-9964 or book with him online. When you’re appointment day arrives, you’ll find our clinic over at 8120 S. Holly St, Suite 111 Centennial, CO 80122.

We look forward to your visit with us here at Colorado Laser & Vein Center! We serve patients from Centennial CO, Southglenn CO, Englewood CO, Littleton CO, Castle Rock CO, Denver CO, and Highlands Ranch, CO.