6 Signs Your Spider Veins Are Getting Worse

6 Signs Your Spider Veins Are Getting Worse

Do you struggle with the unsightly look of spider veins? If you are concerned that your spider veins are getting worse, visit Colorado Laser & Vein. Call us today to book your appointment! We serve patients from Centennial, CO and surrounding areas.

6 Signs Your Spider Veins Are Getting Worse in Centennial, CO
6 Signs Your Spider Veins Are Getting Worse in Centennial, CO

Spider veins can make you feel unnecessarily self-conscious and distract you from enjoying daily life. Although spider veins are very rarely a medical issue, they can be a warning sign for more serious health complications that may develop in the future. At Colorado Laser & Vein, our vein and vascular specialists can help you with all of your concerns regarding spider veins.

1. They are becoming more noticeable.

This one is fairly intuitive. If your once small and faint spider veins are becoming larger and deeper in color, it is a definite sign that your spider veins are worsening. That said, some people have more noticeable spider veins than others, so there is not necessarily a standard for how noticeable spider veins should or shouldn’t be. Even though spider veins are mostly just an eyesore, and do not usually come with any serious health complications, it is important to keep an eye on them because they can be early warning signs of other more serious blood flow or skin tissue conditions.

2. They are starting to become painful or tender.

While it is abnormal for spider veins to become painful or tender, if you are experiencing pain and tenderness with your spider veins, they are likely getting worse, and you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

3. You are experiencing night cramps.

Night cramps are a symptom of spider veins that have escalated from being an aesthetic annoyance to a medical issue. Remember, although spider veins are almost always a cosmetic issue, if you are experiencing symptoms like night cramps with spider veins, it should be treated as a warning sign that other health complications might develop from your spider veins issue.

4. Your spider veins are turning into varicose veins.

The difference between a spider and varicose veins is that the former is more of a cosmetic issue, while the latter is a medical issue. Spider veins are caused by weakened or damaged vein valves, which, makes blood pool around where the vein branches off. Varicose veins are also caused by weakened or damaged vein valves, but they become twisted and bulge so that they can be felt under the surface of your skin. It is not common for your spider veins to turn into varicose veins, but it is possible. Varicose veins are a more serious condition than spider veins, so at this point, you will want to seriously consider seeing a doctor. Varicose veins are typically more painful and have more severe risks associated with them.

5. You have begun to develop skin ulcers.

At this point, if you have begun to develop skin ulcers, it is likely that your spider veins have become varicose veins. As it is uncommon for spider veins to become varicose veins, it is also uncommon for skin ulcers to develop from them, but it is still possible. If you have begun to develop skin ulcers, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

6. You are developing blood clots.

This is another instance where your spider veins have likely become varicose veins. Blood clots are highly hazardous for your body, as they can create emergency situations regarding your heart, brain, and lungs. If you have blood clots, you should go to the emergency room.

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